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12:24:00 PM Jan 21st 2013
Couple things: A thirteen year old, especially a boy, being shorter than most adults isn't unreasonable at all. Boys grow slower. When i was thirteen i was only 5'3-5'4. A an adult, i'm 6'2-6'3. Also, you should probably keep comparisons in the same gender. A fully grown woman is usually no more than 5'5 before being considered tall, and that a average height for a full grown male is about 5'9.
05:37:40 AM Nov 28th 2016
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10:07:53 AM Dec 22nd 2011
When Degrassi started, was Emma already taller than Spike? If not, does anyone know when she got taller?
05:51:38 PM Nov 4th 2011
I've heard it said that Daniel Radcliffe was fortunate to remain relatively short through the filming of the Harry Potter movies, as his actual height didn't make him too tall to be believable in the part.
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