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06:35:13 PM Mar 28th 2018
I'm seeing some examples about a particular character who is a teen and is shorter than all the other characters, including other teen. Is this appropriate use? I thought the trope was about a teen-adult height contrast.

Also, is there an age cutoff? Examples where characters are 12 years old or so don't seem like proper use, since many 12-year olds, especially the boys, are still well below their adult height.
03:40:50 AM Nov 23rd 2017
edited by LB7979
Can someone who knows this franchise say if this even is an example, or if it just is badly worded and needs to be rewritten?

  • The Legend of Zelda: The majority of the Link incarnations are shown to be this. Even with his latest known age being 17 1/2, Link is mostly depicted as being no taller than Princess Zelda.

If the Zelda character is a Statuesque Stunner as the pothole says, then Link being "no taller" than her doesn't say anything right? He could still be above-average height and thus not an example.
11:08:17 PM Apr 20th 2018
I don't think Zelda is unusually tall, or at least the BOTW and SS ones that the entry most likely references to.
12:24:00 PM Jan 21st 2013
Couple things: A thirteen year old, especially a boy, being shorter than most adults isn't unreasonable at all. Boys grow slower. When i was thirteen i was only 5'3-5'4. A an adult, i'm 6'2-6'3. Also, you should probably keep comparisons in the same gender. A fully grown woman is usually no more than 5'5 before being considered tall, and that a average height for a full grown male is about 5'9.
05:37:40 AM Nov 28th 2016
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10:07:53 AM Dec 22nd 2011
When Degrassi started, was Emma already taller than Spike? If not, does anyone know when she got taller?
05:51:38 PM Nov 4th 2011
I've heard it said that Daniel Radcliffe was fortunate to remain relatively short through the filming of the Harry Potter movies, as his actual height didn't make him too tall to be believable in the part.
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