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10:40:12 AM Feb 16th 2012
Why was the image removed? It was pretty good.
04:56:43 AM Jan 24th 2014
some caption text
I believe this would be a better image.
04:59:35 AM Jan 24th 2014
Eh, seems more like a Magma Man to me.

Also, you ought to suggest it in Image Picking.
05:25:10 AM Jan 24th 2014
but it's not magma. It's literally Godzilla exploding in nuclear energy.
05:45:26 AM Jan 24th 2014
It looks like magma. What the image looks like is more important than what it actually is, mostentimes. Especially if you can't tell what it is without some outside context.
12:32:46 PM May 10th 2015
edited by Joe32
You read my mind, I was actually gonna suggest one similar, or one of the meltdown but that would fall under spoiler territory.
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