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05:34:55 AM Jul 15th 2016
There's an online Flash game called "Haunt the House" where you play as a ghost who posseses objects to scare guests out of the house he haunts. While most guests run out the door after being scared, some actually jump out of the windows on the upper storeys. We actually see them do this. At the end of the game, your score is calculated based on the separate numbers of guests who ran out or jumped. What folder do I put this example under - or does it not belong under any?
08:48:20 PM Jul 15th 2016
edited by jormis29
I believe that online games go into the Video Games folder
03:25:40 PM Aug 31st 2014
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Intro overly explains why people kill themselves. Firstly, it has little to do with the trope, and secondly, they say that it is irresponsible for a media outlet to give reasons behind why people do it, because people with debt issues, for instance, will look at these things and think "Well I guess if that's what most people do in my situation... " so this in effect encourages suicide. Writing about how the family grieves and wishes it had done something while it had the chance makes the prospective depressive feel he will achieve something with his death. Maybe write something like "although in reality, few people kill themselves for comic effect like this". The expression "commit suicide" is outdated because it is no longer a crime.
03:35:26 PM Aug 31st 2014
The article starts off with links to suicide counseling (or whatever it's called) sites. Also, we cannot forego the description of the trope and how it happens - it's what we are about, after all.
06:49:05 AM Jun 27th 2012
Too much subjectivity in the opening paragraph of the description. I don't trust myself to be able to rewrite it more effectively though (as I hold mainly opposed opinions).
07:38:44 AM Jun 27th 2012
What, exactly, is subjective with "in real life, it's sad when people kill themselves"?
12:05:30 PM Feb 10th 2013
Someone's enemy could be happy if they committed suicide.
10:17:46 PM Apr 9th 2013
I'm sorry, but no. Suicide is sad, end of story. If someone is happy that someone else died, that person needs to seek immediate help. There is nothing good about a person taking their own life, not even if said person is a total monster, and unless we're going to invoke Godwin's Law, there isn't room for debate. Even then, it's still sad that someone would throw away their chance for happiness and redemption.
08:41:26 PM Oct 5th 2013
I have an enemy. She used to be my friend but she is very obnoxious, even to the point of jokingly telling me to hang myself shortly after I confided in her about past suicide attempts. However, if she committed suicide I would be devastated.
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