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05:33:35 PM Dec 31st 2016
edited by DaibhidC
  • The Israeli version of Sesame Street, Rechov Sum Sum, is generally much milder in comparison, though it has featured Muppets as members of the Israeli Defense Force, and they make no bones about how they are packing mad heat.

I find it hard to believe the Sesame Workshop would go along with that (indeed, the page about the show on their website says that Rechov Sumsum " model[s] peaceful problem solving and cultural acceptance" and "[a]fter watching Rechov Sumsum, children from both Jewish and Arab backgrounds are more likely to suggest democratic solutions to resolving conflict"). There's no mention of gun-toting IDF Muppets on the relevant Wikipedia or Muppet Wiki pages, either.

I know this isn't Wikipedia, but I'd quite like a source for this one.
06:44:16 PM Feb 15th 2016
edited by Raygunguy
So, I have a question. Sonichu is a not safe for work webcomic that features gore and sex but is actually intended for kids (the creator is weird). So, would this be an inversion, a subversion or something else?
02:59:24 PM Dec 27th 2013
I noticed that no real life examples were given even though it didn't say no real life examples, please. I actually have one. On a Spring 1994 episode of the French show Jacky Show, singer/actress Mallaury Nataf performed her song "Fleur Savage" while wearing a short dress and no panties, and ended up flashing both sides, triggering a scandal.

09:09:56 PM Jan 2nd 2012
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What would the reverse of this trope be? For instance, something that appears grim and gritty on the surface and then turns out to be completely innocent at the end. Is there a term for that?
09:24:32 AM Feb 21st 2011
Suggested: Death To Smoochy plays this entire trope straight. Instead of a kind happy world of network television, childrens TV is depicted as a grim world of murder, corruption, and greed.
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