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  • Death Note. This Troper is of the opinion that Death Note is actually an incredibly dark subversion of the entire super hero genre, Super Man in particular. Compare and contrast Light Yagami and Clark Kent: Both had idealistic fathers who intilled in them strong moral values, both want to create a better world, both use pseudonyms to hide their secret identities, and both have super-genius arch enemies whose initials are L. L. Basically, the premise of Death Note is: what if Superman was a murderous psychopath? It's also worthy of mention that one of the series two creators once stated that one of his greatest achievements was getting such an incredibly dark series published in a magazine aimed at children.
The large paragraph kind of indicates how huge of a stretch it is. It doesn't qualify, because it doesn't lead you to believe it's a kids product and it's not a parody/homage or anything similar at all. Removed.

Puffy Treat: Does the Weezer video count as a subversion? It's actually less chaotic and less edgy than many of the genuine episode of the original Muppet Show. (For example, the Alice Cooper and Raquel Welch episodes.)