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07:10:15 PM Nov 26th 2015
Since the trope is no longer named "Nietzsche Wannabe" might I suggest removing the examples that are simply characters who profess to follow Nietzschean philosophy without fitting the description in the Laconic?
12:28:24 PM Nov 13th 2013
Where does the straw part come in?
07:07:53 PM Nov 26th 2015
edited by zarpaulus
A fair number of real life nihilists act more like The Anti-Nihilist. Which is noted on that trope's page.
07:20:51 PM Sep 7th 2012
I thought it was decided nearly a year ago that we wouldn't be renaming another one of the classic tropes!
07:03:19 AM Sep 14th 2012
Good riddance. It was a stupid title and a source of both misunderstandings and complaints.
09:07:27 PM Apr 14th 2014
Honestly, I'd really like it if the title could be changed. Straw Nihilist sounds like it's a trope for stereotypes of real-world beliefs, like the various Strawman Political tropes whereas this is a trope for a villain motivation or lack thereof.
11:17:43 PM Apr 14th 2014
Feel free to propose such in the Trope Repair Shop. Be aware that you'll need to make a good case for a rename.
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