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03:28:30 AM Jul 15th 2017
For an image, I'd suggest a screenshot from one of the Achievement Hunter Quiplash Let's Plays, though I don't know whether they'd need to be safe for work...
05:54:26 PM Dec 31st 2011
When confronted with the declaration that there's no way Masayuki is ever going to marry his little sister Rizu, Rizu and her mother Riko both react with the exact same sequence of nonsense syllables. For Masayuki's sake, let us pray that Rizu does not grow up to be like Riko in her endings.

Which visual novel is this from?
06:30:41 AM May 17th 2010
Is it just me, or would at least half the examples listed here actually be better classified as an Ironic Echo?
07:37:43 AM May 17th 2010
There's some potential for overlap... really, to be this trope the quote should be a weird, Cloud Cuckoolander non-sequitur in the first place. Ironic Echo should be a serious line the first time, made ironic by the context of the echo.

Any particular examples in mind?
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