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06:50:38 AM Feb 23rd 2012
Does Dragon Lady have a place in this list?
11:58:47 AM Jan 8th 2012
It seems a little odd that when Xiaoyu is mentioned for the Tekken series no one points out that she never speaks Chinese even though she still understands Wang Jinrei when they meet in the fourth tournament. Lee Chaolan, Forrest and Marshall Law as well as Lei Wulong all speak English but can still understand Japanese as well as Chinese languages spoken by the other characters in the series.
01:50:49 PM Jul 29th 2010
Can anyone give a source confirming that Kenshiro's Chinese?
06:07:14 AM Apr 2nd 2010
So why isn't there an article about Hollywood Asia? Like "Kor Chinan"?
03:38:22 PM Mar 30th 2010
edited by MatthewTheRaven
Shouldn't this be Chinese People In Anime? It's a bit offensive to define an entire people based upon their appearance in the media of a country that hasn't been historically friendly with them. Not to mention that China has its own media.
03:49:44 PM Mar 30th 2010
It does make a lot more sense to call it that. I always found it just weird that you can tell if the character was Chinese because that person was wearing "Chinese" clothes.
06:53:46 PM Apr 11th 2012
Well, judging by how Western shows(Simpsons ans Family Guy come into mind) depict Chinese, I say the trope was pretty well applied and it is not just Anime that was guilty of that.
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