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12:48:15 AM Jan 23rd 2013
"1) Morph is not a villain! He's a Brainwashed and Crazy X-Man that Wolverine cares a lot about (by Wolverine standards). He's trying to capture Morph, so they can help him, and wouldn't actually want him hurt. Fortunately, 2) Jubilee's powers aren't all that strong, so she wasn't gonna seriously hurt anyone, healing factor or not."

Should this be pulled from Western Animation? I think it's natter, main page discussion, and justifying edit, but I might be looking at it wrong.
01:31:07 PM Mar 17th 2012
Can we get Choose The Changeling as an alternate title? That scene is just all kinds of wonderful and a brilliant take on the usual setup.
09:03:23 AM Sep 30th 2011
With the Planet Zebeth one, I think I might know which Samus is currently around.

Item 1:

In this strip, Kraid uses the Grapple Beam for the first time after getting it in a previous comic. At this time, Kabs had not returned to ZR-388, and therefore this is the original Samus.

Items 2 and 3: and

Between Item 1 and these two Items, the Grapple Beam had only been used while the first Samus was around. And here, the Samus who survived KNEW of Kraid's "forever-had, normal Kraid ability of grappling". Therefore, I believe that the Samus that survived was the first one.

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