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Looney Toons: moved the following out of the main entry.

//In the second example, are you talking about The A-Team or the Mister T animated series?

Kizor: Dude. Combining this with a Tomato in the Mirror could give such a Mind Screw.

Egak: Would 'shot the wrong one' be a subversion, or a straight variant? Cause it seems to be more common than choosing right in non-serial/low continuity instances.

Scrounge: Could probably be either, depending entirely on how it's played.

Lord Seth: Deleted "This, of course, is made into a Wall Banger by the Power Rangers adaptation, in which the Rangers repeat the same "throw the ball" test even after the alien (in their comrade's body) had assaulted both their commander and resident Cat Girl techie." from the Power Rangers example. In the episode, the alien makes the claim that he's really the good guy and managed to switch the two of them back. Then they do the ball test. It's not a Wall Banger.
fleb: Me and Firefox thought it was spelled 'Impostor' with two O's, but apparently both are correct. I'll make a redirect.

Vilui: But you were right. Fowler's Modern English Usage: "-or" is the Latin agent-noun ending corresponding to the English -er; compare doer and perpetrator. English verbs derived from the supine stem of Latin ones usually prefer this Latin form to the English one in -er.

Please change this to the better spelling; it looks daft that this and Bluff the Impostor spell it differently.

Arivne: I merged the two Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country examples together.