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09:07:57 PM Oct 31st 2014
What about if the true Leading Lady&Leading Man are married and a similar trope is involved like in Haunted Mansion?
03:13:01 AM Jan 27th 2013
"In Ben 10, the priest was shot in the mouth by the bride's parents, who were aliens made of slime. They objected to their daughter marrying a human groom, despite the fact that this would unify both their races. Oddly, they were around for the entire episode while everyone prepared for the wedding, but specifically waited until the ceremony and that line to ambush the proceedings."

There'd been things going wrong with the wedding preparations for ages, and the bride's parents were definitely behind at least two of them, and they brought their daughter's ex-boyfriend into the picture to cause trouble. The attempt during the actual ceremony was a last-ditch attempt to stop the wedding. All it did was tick off their daughter irrevocably and cause Ben to cook them into a giant cake topper.
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