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01:13:30 PM Jun 12th 2014
Female Sniper should become a trope unto itself. I've noticed that a LOT of movies are beginning to break the gender barrier by including a female soldier into the usual Five Man Band or squads. The sniper, if there is a designated one, is the one most likely to be a woman.

Logically, it can be assumed that filmmakers and writers do this because:

1. It allows the woman to be an active and deadly participant in combat but away from danger. 2. Removes the woman from close-combat which, alas, many people still believe is either not acceptable to put a woman in such a position or is unable to be as capable as her male compatriots. 3. For Real Life reasons, women have a slight edge in precision shooting, such as a slower heart-rate which allows for longer periods of time of clearer vision to make a shot. (Like shooting between heartbeats.) Also, since women have lower center of gravity, they use core strength to absorb recoil automatically and so may (MAY) be able to ride recoil better.

Note that some differences folks may cite (like grip strength or reflex time) is not wholly dependent on sex differences and can be improved. Reflex training is common for serious athletes and there are plenty of ways to improve grip strength (remember those squeezy foam balls?) so such differences are kinda moot. Either way, I think a new trope should be made for the Female Sniper.
01:33:48 PM Jun 12th 2014
Interesting concept. Might want to bring that up in YKTTW, comrade.
05:38:25 PM Jun 12th 2014
Indeed, so I shall! Many thanks! *bows*
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