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08:21:16 PM Nov 28th 2014
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Somebody needs to add an entry for Hyperdimension Neptunia, particularly Neptunia Victory.

In her HDD form, Uni/Black Sister's plasma cannon is easily as big as she is, if not bigger. And she can wield it with one hand.
03:08:24 PM Dec 31st 2012
Question about the real-life pic: That gun looks like it would be huge for a tall adult, let a lone a child. What is it called?
03:14:28 PM Dec 31st 2012
edited by Audobonible
Wait, never mind. I just saw it in the Web Original folder as the Barret .50-caliber sniper rifle.

08:51:53 AM Mar 27th 2012
After reading this trope and noticing there's no "small girl big weapon" trope, I'm wondering if and how we should go about adding one. Should we convert this page to deal with all weapons, not just guns, or make a new "non-gun-weapon" sister trope?
10:38:22 PM Apr 21st 2012
edited by TheMightyGuy
I think it should just be changed into one "Small Person, Huge Weapon" Super Trope that defines tiny people using over-sized weaponry in general.
07:27:56 PM Sep 27th 2010
How do Millie and Meryl qualify for this trope? Millie is a girl of Amazonian height(the size of her gun seems quite appropriate against her own), that somehow manages to balance that out with her Moe' qualities. Meryl fits the size requirement for this trope, but packs a near-infinite supply of tiny, one-shot guns.
05:51:42 PM Apr 12th 2010
SpiriTsunami: Source on the pic?
02:49:06 AM Jul 6th 2010
Wondering as well.
08:23:17 PM Aug 14th 2010
Me too third.
10:44:02 PM Jan 16th 2011
This is Nazuna Nanamiya from the game Tokitaka Fantasma. The grass should say Goutokugakuen not goutokuin.
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