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Ununnilium: Did B.B. Hood from Darkstalkers appear in the TV series?

Dark Sasami: According to Retrojunk, "Unfortunately it predates the 3rd game thats on the Playstation so no Jedah, B.B Hood, Q-Bee and Lillith and the like." But that's just one Googleer's findings.

BT The P: Millie is not a small girl, so I'm not sure she fits on this page. And for that matter, even though there's fifty of them, a Derringer is not a big gun.

Looney Toons: Don't take the trope name absolutely literally. When I created this entry (harrumph) years ago, I was looking for a cutesy way of expressing the impression that almost every anime female at the appropriate technological level seems to carry a gun, and sometimes more than one. And as far as I'm concerned, 100 Derringers = 1 machine gun, especially at the speed with which Meryl can use them.

YYZ: I'm not sure I get the Tommy Shaw joke.

Gus: yeah, I had to google it, too.

Kendra Kirai: o/~ Girls with guns o/~
Citizen: I'll just leave this here, then.

Falchion: Anything in Real Life? 'Cause I've got this photo from a weapons demo where the folks let a 6-year old try out an M40. That's pretty much Small Girl Big Gun in real life right there.