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04:57:59 PM Jul 29th 2010
With a sufficiently long handle against enemies with relativly short range, can a scytche cut through several legs? Basicly, the same way as it's used to harvest grain. It could make a big arc and if the blade is impossibly sharp you could do some serious damage. On a related note, a lot of leg armor only covers the chins. A scythe could theoreticly reach around and cut the tendons, also immobilizing the enemy. All this ofcourse assumes that the enemy is standing still and cant reach you. It could make a good movie scene, but in real life, fairly useless.

Can the not-sharp part, basicly the back of the blade, be used as blunt weapon? Like slice, smash, slice. Hit them with the blunt side on the rebound.
03:31:19 PM Sep 20th 2010
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Scythes are fairly impractical for combat, seeing as how they're meant for harvesting grain. While they have been portrayed in the Grim Reaper's hands, that part of anthropomorphic death could be a carry-over from Chronos, the Titan who controlled time and taught man how to use agriculture, thus his deathly appearance as an old man and his association with the scythe itself.

In a combat situation, a scythe would only have one path of movement, a single arc that it has to follow due to the nature of how it's held. This would make it a very predictable weapon, and an easy one to counter. The handle of it could be used much like a staff, but it would be a fair bit harder to work with due to the blade on one end. If one were to go too far toward said blade, and if the blade was given a fairly steep arc, it wouldn't end well for the wielder, if they cherished their arm.

The blunt side of the scythe could have its applications as a bludgeoning tool, though it could be subject to being removed from the handle, if the craftsmanship were rather shoddy.
05:57:10 AM Nov 8th 2010
Wait a sec.. you actually mean that: A) all Scythes and scythe-shaped weapons are simply for show but useless in combat or that B) only the farmer scythe is impractical, but you can get a fairly pratical (but still, let's say.." |____"-shaped) scythe?

By the way, I think that is impossible using the Scythe as a blunt weapon... unless you use the pole to clobber your opponent. The blade isn't very thick, so it can't be a good bludgeon. Or so I think.....
08:48:30 AM Dec 17th 2010
Well actually scythes are better weapons than people think seeing as the stabbing end is over-looked and are more spear-like.

Scythes are actually not primarily slicing weapons but stabbing and used for distance keeping but if an opponent were to close in on you the inward blade could easily be pulled back and bypass all defense. Not to mention just blocking a scythe swing is tricky (seeing as you have to watch out for the massive sideways blade facing toward you)

the only problem with scythes is that it is extremely difficult learning to use them and they don't have their own balance so you have to balance for it
09:42:33 AM Dec 17th 2010
Tangential point of fact: Cronus was the Titan and had nothing to do with time. Chronos was a different entity entirely.
12:54:54 AM Jan 19th 2011
Yes, but he (Cronus) still used a sickle as a weapon when he castrate his father Uranos, so it counts.
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