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01:01:51 PM Feb 17th 2013
  • Several Pokémon, particularly Legendaries, have a signature move that only they can learn (With the exceptions of certain Event Pokemon and Smeargle's Sketch move, of course).
    • Mewtwo didn't obtain its signature move, Psystrike, until the fifth generation of games.
    • Kyurem is capable of learning three signature moves. Glaciate (normal form), Freeze Shock (Black Kyurem), and Ice Burn (White Kyurem).

Signature Move means "a specific skill, attack, taunt, evasive maneuver, and/or spell they use more frequently than any of their other ones" not "exclusive attack"
08:16:32 PM Feb 22nd 2013
So where would those go then?
02:24:23 AM Feb 23rd 2013
edited by MagBas
Good question... i questioned in Lost and Found . Edit: The answer was, "There is Secret Art but that isn't necessarily known to only one character."
12:37:04 PM Feb 23rd 2013
Well, other Pokemon do have the ability to use another Pokemon's Signature, through Metronome's random choice, Mimic, Mirror move, but only Sketch allows repeated use.
01:48:39 PM Feb 24th 2013
edited by MagBas
Okay. I am moving the example to Secret Art after 24 hours, if exist no objections.
01:05:11 AM Feb 25th 2013
No complaints here.
02:57:57 PM Feb 25th 2013
Okay. I am moving it now.