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05:03:58 PM Feb 7th 2012
Does The Sentry fall under this trope? I feel that he might but I do not know much about him other then that he was somehow known even before he was introduced, and that he is now no longer around.
11:18:59 AM Aug 9th 2011
Could Jesse from Burn Notice be this trope? I mean... to quote the definition: "A character is introduced into a show with a lot of fanfare, and almost at once moves up to main character status" check "He/she will often form a close relationship with the existing main characters," check "and may even have a prior history with a main character, even if this has never been mentioned before." Well him and Michael do have a history. However brief. "Sometimes the character is a result of Executive Meddling." Wouldn't know about that though.

"For some reason the character doesn't gel. Maybe the audience takes against him/her," Well me anyways... "maybe the actor over- or underperforms, maybe the writers realize they have no idea what to do with him/her." The character seems pretty pointless and undefined to me. "Whatever it is, the character will end up leaving the show setting, often for a fairly contrived reason (and they probably won't be back, even if logically they should be at certain points)." Well he does leave, doesn't he?

Since I am new here and not really sure about that, I wanted to check with you guys before editing. :)
05:16:28 AM Feb 27th 2011
Isn't this just The Scrappy or Shilling The Wesley?
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