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rename The Poochie launched as The Poochie: From YKTTW

Working Title: The Poochie: From YKTTW
In short, The Scrappy gets Put on a Bus.

Ross N: Removed because The Poochie is quite often not The Scrappy (though he certainly can be) and while being Put on a Bus is more common, he might also be Killed Off for Real.

Freezer: Removed the entry on The Stingers from Jem. Not only were they actually quite popular, the were still part of the show when it was canceled.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: Anyone else think that this should be renamed Shoot The Scrappy Dog? A YKTTW under that name appeared not too long ago before it was shot down with "this is The Poochie", and Shoot The Scrappy Dog is too good of a name to waste.
  • The Evil Dr Bolty: I think it may be wise to do separate tropes for Poochie and Shoot The Scrappy Dog. This page seems to provoke confusion as is - some examples are awkwardly written out characters (as per the trope description), but others follow Poochie's character type (conspicuously hyped addition to the cast who often combines Totally Radical and Hype Aversion to stand out in a bad way).

  • Tracy, May and Dawn of Pokemon have had to endure criticism (and all out flaming) from long time fans for coming in and replacing older characters. However most viewers are able to grow to like them, or at least ignore them (unfortunately Tracy seems to be least entitled to this respect for some reason, probably because he's a male - so less availability for Loli fanservice, and he didn't originate in the games).

Daibhid C: I don't watch Pokemon, but if this is an example of The Poochie, rather than The Scrappy (in fact it sounds more like Rescued from the Scrappy Heap), it's not coming across in the entry.