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12:52:55 AM Dec 17th 2012
I thought some reality context might be warranted, so I added the paragraph below:

"In reality the correlation between sex and romance can be anything from strict fidelity between exclusive lovers, to casual sex between friends, to dating, experimenting and anything in-between*. Emotions sometimes get the jump on us, and even though people tend to date each other with prospect towards a potential helpmeet, sometimes dating can become casual sex, and sometimes the reverse can be true. So yes, in Real Life people in a casual sexual relationship can find that after a while physical intimacy with another person fosters a romantic inclination, however, this trope is when having a sexual relationship with another person will result in a romantic relationship, no arguing."

The thing about sex and relationships is that in reality the line gets really fuzzy sometimes, and sometimes you're just hanging on and seeing where things go. I thought it was important to point out that yes, sometimes sex does in fact result in a relationship, but the point of this trope was that there was no escaping the outcome of a romantic relationship (because somewhere behind the liberal progressiveness of television is the unspoken assumption that sex without love is immoral).

I think this clarification (or something like it if someone would like to edit my paragraph and say it better than I have - of course please feel free) might be helpful on this page because I've noticed around the place (can't bloody remember where now damnit) that sometimes the trope Sex Equals Love is used when the outcome of just one particular casual sex relationship is romance on a background of other equally prominent casual relationships that stay casual. Otherwise the feeling gets spread around (or maybe it's just me *shrugs*) that any casual sex relationship that evolves into romance is this trope, and not just a Relationship Upgrade.

(Sorry for the long topic... I've never done one of these before so I hope this is ok...)
04:31:13 AM Nov 28th 2012
Historical context: in my recent expansion of the historical context, I still omitted the Victorian motion, that sex-for-fun was A. only a male phenomenon and B. Sinful to the max, to be avoided at all cost.
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