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08:56:25 AM Oct 30th 2013
Should we establish a minimum amount of time for this trope to take effect? Otherwise, I fear trope decay setting in. I suggest five years as the minimum.
09:50:14 AM Oct 30th 2013
I'd say a good rule of thumb for the minimum is however many years is a normal production cycle of a given medium or series. Off the top of my head, a year or two seems to be a good benchmark for that minimum for a book series, while two to three years is the average for a movie sequel. Video games are trickier, since you have one-a-year series, but then also others that come out steadily, but once every two or three years instead.
09:57:41 AM Oct 30th 2013
It's all relative. If a series goes from one release every three years, a five year gap wouldn't really be significant. But if they went from one release a year, five years would be more significant.
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