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12:07:58 AM Jul 2nd 2011
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I would've expected the law to be something like "long stories tend toward disorder" - how under normal circumstances a story can only gain inconsistencies as it runs and not lose them, so good authors quit while they're ahead where continuity is important, while bad authors (often executives) let a story get more and more ambitious and full of interconnected mysteries til they're forced to (if they're moderately bad) stuff it under the rug with an unsatisfying asspull-filled ending or (if they're really bad) abandon everything and reboot it declaring they'll get it right the next time. (Edit: as discussed here by Academia Nut.)
10:33:34 PM Aug 25th 2013
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Personally, I see it more as a "long stories tend towards plot entropy." The writers that care follow the path you are implying. Those who don't tend to junk (previously established) continuity altogether, whether it's by differing interpretations or by letting previous seasons (and their fans) rot.

Perhaps we need a Second And A Half Law Of Metafictional Thermodynamics expressing this common observation.

Yes, I'm a former Pokemon Anime fan. Why do you ask?
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