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12:43:51 PM Nov 21st 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper

They talk about the difference between this and Standard Sci Fi Setting in the YKTTW, they explain it so you've really got to respond to that or take it to the repair shop because if it went through ykttw and got the Three Rules of Three then it will take more than the voice of one to get it cut.

The descriptions almost render them opposite: if you are the Standard Sci Fi Setting then you have a certain list of tropes and you are the average level of Sci Fi Trope occurance. If you are a Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink then you are trying to get everything in, getting in ideas from beyond the Standard Sci Fi Setting. It's standard versus extraordinary.

Not to say that drawing attention to this was wrong. When two very different description have the same examples list, you have a problem. I feel that to survive the page needs examples that help codify standardness inthe Standard Sci Fi Setting removed. Also X, Just...X. Yes, this even means Star Trek and Star Wars, the first two examples because you can't even say they have all the tropes that appear in the other.
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