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01:56:17 AM Jun 26th 2014
Suggested stinger: Schrodinger's gun doesn't kill people. Schrodinger's gun kills people.
07:32:01 PM Dec 25th 2010
Removed the following under the Cave Story entry:

  • Actually, the reason he dies is because he gives you a jetpak and tells you to save yourself. If you don't talk to him, he'll use the jetpak himself to escape and later gives you an upgraded version of it, which is part of unlocking the secret ending and the Bonus Level Of Hell. No explanation for the rope thing, though.

Don't like the Nattery tone of it. And I also wonder if that's an official explanation, or just (Admittedly very reasonable) fan conjecture.

09:09:23 AM Aug 9th 2010
edited by Majutsukai
Is there any particular reason why the description is so thoroughly geared toward Tabletop RPGs when this is clearly not exclusive to them?
11:35:06 AM Aug 12th 2010
My memory is hazy (and the original YKTTW is gone ^_^; ) but this started as an exclusively tabletop trope that we figured out later was present in other media. The description could probably be tweaked to be more genre neutral, but (at least in my humble opinion) the set up with players derailing a story, only to have the ST right it with Schrodinger's Gun is pretty illustrative.
01:26:58 PM Aug 12th 2010
I disagree. Most of this page already consists of examples- it hardly make sense to put a non-specific one in the description, particularly as the description already skirted long to begin with.

The description has been edited with this in mind, and it's now a more appropriate size.
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