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08:11:40 AM Aug 30th 2017
it might be worth pointing out that type 3 'lighter and softer' bullying is actually itself harmful to bullying victims, since it encourages the belief that all it takes to stop a bully is asking them to stop. (so, conversely, if you don't ask them to stop, you're either OK with it, or wasting the time of whichever authority you ask to intervene.)

That, and it might be worth clarifying the third point in the section about how bullying is explained away that the actual scenario it's claimed to be genuinely isn't bullying- there's no requirement to be friends with everyone, nor to accept f someone asks you out- but it becomes bullying when said group is actively encouraging people not to be friends/date/whatever a particular person. (as a rule of thumb, if it's that they don't want to be friends with you/date you, that's not bullying. if, however, they are trying to prevent ANYONE being friends with you/accepting a date with you, that IS bullying.)

it's also worth explaining that "Tattling" is really supposed to be "don't report every little thing someone does wrong"- basically, don't go running for an authority figure every single time you see something that might be breaking the rules (and definitely don't take it on yourself to actively search out people breaking the rules), but something like bullying? definitely report it.
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