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09:37:07 AM Jan 25th 2011
What do you think of this image for the trope?
06:18:40 AM Aug 27th 2010
I remember, and Google confirms, that the page had a short piece from a book about striking a bell and biding the danger. It seemed very appropriate. Why was it deleted?
01:26:28 AM Aug 29th 2011
I don't know, but it was probably from The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis.
08:58:57 PM Aug 20th 2010
Contrast what? I'm sure there's a trope for something intentionally made to LOOK dangerous to conceal how harmless it is, or the other reverse where something dangerous looks completely safe.
06:10:07 PM Jul 16th 2010
Isn't there another example in Link to the Past? I seem to remember something about a sign with a guy next to it who'll chase the player.
03:28:00 PM Jan 13th 2012
Yea, I remember that sign. It says something like do not remove and do not bother the guy sitting next to it. You break it he follows you and yells at you for breaking his sign every 5 seconds.
07:35:13 AM Jul 5th 2010
Reminds me of the rules of living in Communist Czechoslovakia:
  • Don't think!
  • If you think, then don't read!
  • If you think and read, then don't write!
  • If you think, read, and write, then don't sign!
  • If you think, read, write, and sign, then don't wonder!
09:52:32 PM Apr 30th 2010
I just noticed that in the "210" episode of 30 Rock, at the very end, the set has a backdrop representing Kennith's home in Georgia with a shack labled "Schmuck's Bait".
08:26:42 AM Apr 1st 2010
Missing Movie: aside from that twilight zone ep and "The Box" I also remember a movie. (that was filmed in part in front of the new-at-the-time Fresno, Ca City Hall) where a guy was given a box and pushing the button would grant him any wish. The twist in the end was that he had to pay for everything mining on some alien colony for a gazillion years and immortality was the only thing that was free.
12:58:29 PM Mar 21st 2010
So... The links at the bottom. Huh?
05:02:11 AM Jun 7th 2010
have you clicked it yet? is it scary/gross?
07:38:01 AM Jul 5th 2010
No, it isn't. And in addition, it absolutely isn't a Rick Roll.
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