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08:20:12 AM Nov 4th 2010

no, it doesn't seem to be the same as Cerebus Retcon. Cerebus retcon is about the tone of a work (going from "silly" to "serious" and saying "we've always been this way"), whereas this would be going from "parody/satire inspired by some other work" to "work", completely independent of whether or not the tone shifted as well.
03:01:29 PM Nov 4th 2010
Haven't we had this trope discussed before? It came up for similarities with Indecisive Parodybut we decided to keep since this is an intentional trope about a distinct change in set aims.

Considering that debate, i don't see how it could be seen as Cerebus Retcon for the reasons above.
09:37:28 PM Nov 4th 2010
I would think that if it were a real trope, it'd actually be linked from somewhere.
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