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07:43:22 PM May 17th 2014
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Why is final fantasy 9 the only final fantasy not mentioned? The game had tons of bosses that required a specific strategy, like the Ipsens Castle guardian being uhittable by physical attacks and countering everything while "compact" and the opposite when not, the Amarant fight requiring specific timing, The twins who needed to be hit at certain times to prevent them from giving each other boosts that would let them party wipe, Black Waltz #3 who kills himself if Dagger is your only party member... the list goes on! Why are they not on here and how can I add them? It seems I'm not allowed to edit pages.
11:57:57 PM May 17th 2014
Maybe because nobody added it? You ought to edit it in by clicking the "edit" button.
12:47:11 PM Apr 1st 2010
Removing the following from the Mega Man example:

  • Sort-of example: In Mega Man 2, the cycle of boss weaknesses only had 7 links... because Metal Man was weak against his own power. This doesn't help in the initial fight, obviously, but in the rematch he only takes two hits if you know this.

For two reasons - one, the boss in question is fairly easy to take down using the basic weapon without taking too much time, so he's clearly not this trope. Second, there is a two-tiered vulnerability circle in Mega Man 2; most players don't bother learning it in part because of the secondary weaknesses for most bosses and in part because the Metal Blade is a Game-Breaker (for the record, the actual weakness for the boss in question is the Quick Boomerang).
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