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08:11:58 AM Jun 1st 2017
edited by Sakubara
Honestly, I don't know if the voice actors part of the anime section has a point or was written to tell off "dub philistines". I don't know, it's far from an excessive case of complaining about the Subbing vs. Dubbing debate, but it honestly does come across like that in a small way. I don't know, what do you guys think?
07:39:53 AM Apr 16th 2016
edited by murazrai
From the Food and Drink Folder: Chinese food. Much of what you find on the menu at a typical take-out, like General Tso's chicken, pork fried rice, chow mein, sweet & sour chicken, etc., are purely American inventions.

This is blatant lies, if Chinese is referring the the ethnicity rather than the country. Some of these are invention of Chinese diaspora in other countries, some of which being brought along when their ancestors migrate.
09:08:16 AM Apr 17th 2015
Just registering my distaste with the fact that the page image is photoshopped bunk. There has never been such a Final Jeopardy clue and no one has ever answered "Dankey Kang" or "Princess Zorldo". But seriously though, girls sure are dumb about the vidyagames, amirite fellas? Up top!
12:29:41 PM Apr 7th 2014
Not so sure about the Whataburger or the Eagle milk products examples. Eagle is widely available at grocery stores all across the South at the very least, all the way to North Carolina, and there are large numbers of people in Texas that won't even eat at a Whataburger, nevermind have a favourite item. And like the Eagle brand products, they have some 785 locations in ten states, and while maybe qualify as a regional entry, certainly are not a single state product.
09:21:26 AM Sep 6th 2013
The guitarist one... the guy seems to be insinuating that white guitarists are lauded while black guitarists are ignored (though he/she included John Petrucci for some reason), with Jimi Hendrix as a "politically correct exception," but what about Chuck Berry? Or Slash?

Maybe I'm reading him/her wrong, but it just seems like more of the "I'm okay, you're racist" stuff, which seems to take up a lot of the music section.
09:58:37 AM Sep 6th 2013
Slash is black? What?
10:52:13 AM Sep 13th 2013
edited by
Yeah Saul been black for some time dude LOL. And someone else just shoehorned that Petrucci example in. I can see Slash and chuck being lauded. More so Slash though if we're honest.
08:50:06 AM Jan 22nd 2012
Might it not be fair to add a comment that in the UK a lot of this was averted until more recently... as we Brits were exposed to a much wider range of music through the BBC? Especially Radio 1, TOTP and Old Grey Whistle Test?

A lot of black American acts had to come over here to get a mainstream following - then went BACK to the States...

12:45:13 PM Jun 12th 2010
Would it be wrong to take all the examples that are the sole inhabitants of a category and move them to other?
02:32:36 AM Jun 13th 2010
nah...give it time. the article is still rather new...
01:18:02 PM May 21st 2010
Dodge Spirit, Plymouth Acclaim and Chrysler Le Baron, for obvious reasons?

The reasons are not at all obvious to me, and actually it's a pretty baffling reference. Anyone more clueful care to update?
08:10:19 AM Jun 12th 2010
I added a bit of snarky natter to make sure people like us don't feel bad about not knowing the reference
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