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02:00:56 AM Mar 4th 2015
I feel that there is a reasonable argument for this trope usually being either a case of Chekhov's Gun (if the Pocket Protector was previously introduced) and/or a Deus ex Machina (if either it was not introduced, or was introduced and really shouldn't have been able to stop a bullet.) If there are no objections, I will make this change to the Trope page. Thank you.
03:50:52 AM Mar 4th 2015
Yeah, most examples would also be instances of these two tropes, in practice.
11:17:04 AM Jul 28th 2013
A toy pony? REALLY? Sounds more like someone is trying to justify his "bronyness" with that story, the lack of pictures speaks volumes, too. I'm adding a "highly anecdotal" to that entry just to keep TV Tropes' standards up.
08:25:01 PM Apr 14th 2012
this reminds me of the time i stepped on a rusty nail and my plastic shoe insert saved my foot from a horrible, but nonlethal injury.
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