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01:56:50 AM May 5th 2014
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"Film" contains several errors:
  • Star Wars characters with artificial limbs frequently lose them again. Also, a prosthetic limb saves Anakin Skywalker's life—after falling in lava after a duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi, he manages to climb to safety because his prosthetic arm remains intact.

"Frequently"? I can only think of one example: Darth Vader's right hand is severed in Return of the Jedi.

Anakin does not fall "in lava"; that would have been instantly fatal. He falls on the shore near the lava. And the prosthetic arm does not save his life; as he tries to crawl to safety, his clothing catches fire and he suffers severe burns over his entire body. His lungs are also damaged. These injuries would certainly have killed Anakin if Palpatine had not rescued him and had medical droids treat him and encase him in a life-support suit.

  • There's an interesting example in the 2012 film The Avengers. Loki attempts to put his spear into Tony Stark's heart. (Doing so would effectively 'brainwash' the victim.) Unfortunately for him, he can't reach Stark's heart because the arc reactor in his chest blocks it.

Well, first, it's a scepter, not a spear. Second, we see Loki use it to brainwash other people, and he doesn't impale them; he simply touches the scepter to the person's chest. Stark's arc reactor evidently protects him because contact with actual flesh is required. This trope doesn't apply because Stark's heart isn't missing or in an abnormal location; the arc reactor simply gets in the way. It's closer to being an example of Pocket Protector than Organ Dodge.

I think both of these examples should be deleted. Does anyone disagree?
09:53:20 AM Nov 11th 2014
No one has objected, so I am moving The Avengers example to Pocket Protector and deleting the Return of the Jedi example.
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