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01:13:38 PM Sep 1st 2016
edited by CabbitGirlEmi
Generally my thoughts on how Team Rocket is characterized in Pokémon series. The late Takeshi Shudo seems to write them better than any other writer because sometimes when whomever else characterizes them, they come off as obnoxious.
01:29:22 PM Sep 1st 2016
  • whoever else.
05:09:02 PM Aug 1st 2013
Burton/Schuhmacher Batman Films: Debatable as to whether both Burton films are better than Shuhmacher's first installment Batman Forever. Esspeciall compared to the very dark Batman Returns. The villains were more hammy and the movie didn't take itself as seriously. There were lots of homages to the 60's tv series as well. It helped that the two villains were played by Jim Carey and Tommy Lee Jones at the height of their careers. It was still pretty gritty in its own right. Both villains murder several people in cold blood. Everybody hates Batman and Robin though.
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