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04:40:36 AM Jan 12th 2013
edited by harharhar
Hiya guys, not sure if anyone's here but...

I'm thinking of changing the name of this trope. After a while of reading this trope page I made myself, the title starts feeling rather silly. Plus, the name's too similar to Million to One Chance, as someone pointed out, making the trope name even worse as this and MTO has absolutely no relation.

I think I should change it to something more indicative (even if boring), for example "Shatter And Reform".

Your comments on this?
05:10:03 AM Jan 12th 2013
The current name is okay other than the confusion with Million-to-One Chance, but Shatter And Reform is decent too. However, since the current isn't actively bad, it's unlikely to get renamed. You could try making a thread in the Trope Repair Shop, when there's room, and make a case for this being ambiguous.
12:04:03 AM Jan 13th 2013
Thanks for the advice. If you say the current name isn't so bad, okay :) but once I think the name really needs to change, I'll go to the forums.
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