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Shattered teleportation
Guy gets a major blunt trauma or otherwise, Guy explodes into pieces, Guy's pieces fly elswhere and reform.
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This is something of a mix between The Worm That Walks and Literally Shattered Lives. This is where a character, mostly humanoid but can be otherwise, appears normal, but when they either wants to go elsewhere via Villain Teleportation or when they get hit by something, they shatter into million... things. May be nondescript objects, or, even better, living creatures, which then all fly in unison as a swarm elsewhere before reforming into that character again, whole.

Some examples:

At-will variant:
  • Dracula from Castlevania sometimes teleports this way. Being good ol Drac that he is, he becomes a mass of bats.
  • Madonna's music video Frozen features one shot where she seemingly falls over and shatters into many crows.

Trauma-induced variant:
  • Bayonetta can temporarily shatter into bats upon getting hit, thus nullifying the attack.

Troper's note: Frankly, I'm not sure whether this can be made into a distinct trope, or if we can just put this together with The Worm That Walks. I'm currently also trying to sift through Teleporters and Transporters and Villain Teleportation, but as you can see with my suggestion here, I can't decide if this new trope is necessary.
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