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08:08:19 AM Sep 15th 2011
edited by kufat
Removed this one, as David Stirling only lived to be 74, making the whole thing questionable.

  • An incident several years ago involving David Stirling, the original founder of the SAS. Three muggers tied to rob him, when the police arrived, one was unconcious, one was hung up by his jacket on the park railings and one could dimly be seen running into the distance. This while Stirling had a heart condition and was 94.
08:18:35 PM Apr 21st 2011
If this is not an example best not to cite it. If it an example please Repair, Don't Respond.

  • The first Nite Owl is very much not an old master, because despite his young crime fighting days, during the events of Watchmen, a gang of thugs break into his house and beat him to death.
    • For a retired man in his 60's, he does do really well against a group of 5+ thugs. He gets hit hard with Reality Ensues.
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