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02:57:23 PM Feb 19th 2015
Aside from Boogaloo, another name I see as shorthand for a sequel is "The Quickening". Like Highlander 2.
12:38:35 PM May 30th 2014
This article is starting to drift away from naming oddly named sequels and just going into listing any sequel that has a subtitle.
07:17:12 AM Sep 28th 2011
I do feel like forcing this to fall under Self-Demonstrating Article is a little much. Just leaving it as Oddly Named Sequel gets the point across just fine.
02:51:42 AM Jul 10th 2011
I'm really not sure whether examples like Dirty Harry or James Bond fit the trope. The different installments don't have a common theme at all, so the sequel names stand on their own and do not need to somehow be related to the first one.
12:09:28 AM Jul 15th 2011
Nor do the Burton/Schumacher Batman movies. None of them are numbered, and they have a consistent theme in their titles ("Batman Something-or-other"). Although the Nolan movies could qualify, but only when compared to the Burton/Schumacher movies.

In fact, I'm going to edit all these.
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