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02:47:45 AM Sep 3rd 2014
Does the page image really count as an example of the trope? The game in question is a spinoff in a different genre, it's not really considered part of the main series.
04:21:59 AM Sep 3rd 2014
Metroid Prime does list that work as part of the main series.
03:21:21 PM Jun 1st 2010
Why is this just for video games? Lots of other types of media franchises have oddball entries, so this could easily work as a generic trope.
04:10:36 PM Jun 1st 2010
Well, I rewrote the description to be more genre inclusive, but it should go without saying that unless someone adds non-Video Game examples this page will remain being about video games.
02:44:51 AM Sep 3rd 2014
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