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11:03:16 AM Mar 24th 2013
Would this trope apply if it's not murder that's being provided as a first solution, but rather beating people to a pulp so that they can't fight back? Same situation: it's morally wrong, it's the first thing that's thought of, and there are better ways to solve the issue. Just, no actual killing.
10:44:08 AM Nov 2nd 2012
edited by johnnye
So hang on, is this trope "someone suggests murder as a way to solve a minor problem" or "someone actually kills someone as a solution to a minor problem"? The description suggests the former, but the examples include a lot of both.
08:55:12 PM Feb 24th 2011
Apologies if This Trooper is not using the discussion properly. This is an example of This Trooper's experience with someone envoking this trope. Not in a literal way; no-one died, but in Trooper's Modern Government class, a discussion about how easy it would be to plan a terrorist strike was derailed after a classmate pointed out that instead of attacking NY, there was a much closer capital city convenient; why not just go for it, as NY has already had its time in the limelight? in a very reasonable tone of voice. It was... odd, as Trooper, nor any of the rest of the shocked class, it seemed, would not have expected her to say anything like that.
07:59:31 AM Apr 5th 2012
... That was painful to read. -_-;

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