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02:10:05 PM Aug 25th 2013
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Could this be considered a subtrope of Real Life Superpowers?
02:47:24 PM Dec 18th 2010
Video Game: Fallout 3 (genre: post-nuclear apocalypse sci-fi) has a quest, "The Replicated Man", where the subject (an android with AI) has gone through a procedure to completely erase his memories, and now you have to either turn him in to or save him from the person looking for him.

This isn't really [more than mind control], since it's only done -after- the android has decided to seek his freedom, and go under the knife to destroy his memories and upload new ones. It's also got overtones of [Dollhouse] and [Total Recall].

I haven't any idea how this is supposed to be categorized. [The Sacrifice], [Mind Wipe], [Willing Victim]... what else? [Seeking Freedom]? [AI Slavery] (since it can only run on things that other people own, regardless of its sapience)?
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