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10:01:02 AM Jan 12th 2014
Black people in Shakespeare's London? Is there a source for this, besides a Dr. Who episode? Certainly at the time, people would have known what a black person was, but Africa and the middle east was quite far away, and tourism was low. A black person is feasible, but probably unusual enough to turn heads.
09:00:10 AM Jul 24th 2013
Would examples that aren't monochromatic, but noticeably lacking in a particular race be counted? Especially if the setting would indicate that that race should appear?

For example, a work set in Mexico that has a white protagonist and a black protagonist, but no Hispanic characters.

07:52:28 PM Jul 15th 2013
Perhaps there should be another trope about how there isn't always monochrome casting because of all the 'averted' examples that don't really belong on this page. Perhaps something along the lines of 'Purposely Diverse Casting'?
05:23:16 PM Jan 16th 2012

  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Philadelphia has a less than 50% Caucasian rate, yet there are barely ever any non-white people on the show, save for guest spots or small recurring roles (such as when Ryan Howard and Sinbad guest-starred, or the father of Dee's surrogate baby). This becomes the plot-point of an entire episode, with The Gang worrying that not having any black friends (or even black patrons) automatically makes them racist.
    • To the show's credit, while the main cast is extremely white, it actually does a good job of portraying a realistic depiction of diversity around the city. There are tons of non-white extras and one-shot characters (cops, nurses, store employees, and random bystanders) shown whenever the main cast members leave their bar and go somewhere.

This seems somewhat contradictory.
08:17:44 PM Aug 14th 2011
Thinking of adding a video game section. While video games are young enough to have suffered this trope relatively little, there's still a good few examples floating about. Anyone interested in helping me compile a list?

Off to top of my head:

05:53:09 AM Jan 14th 2012
I take issue with the Harry Potter entry. It's in the literature section, but I'm reasonably sure that, outside of the obvious (The Weasleys) most of the named characters weren't given much of a visual description and could pretty much be whatever race you wanted. It'd be fair enough if we moved it to the Film section.
10:30:55 PM Jan 14th 2012
I recall that the Ghostbusters game for the NES only featured 3 white Ghostbusters.
09:32:18 AM Jan 12th 2014
Early video games could easily fall into this, because the repeated use of sprites.
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