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07:31:42 PM Jan 11th 2018
I'm a bit confused why there are Sonic the Hedgehog examples under the "Laser Focus" examples. Both the examples listed have the Chaos Emeralds being used as a power source for a weapon, rather than as a focusing lens.
09:10:09 AM Jan 30th 2013
This needs to be renamed. The description even says that many examples of this trope are not MacGuffins, the page image does not even feature a single MacGuffin. It is not worth the added alliterative appeal if it is incorrect.
11:27:45 AM Jan 30th 2013
Take it to TRS, then. Complaining about it here won't solve anything, if there is indeed a problem TO solve.
02:29:30 PM Jan 11th 2018
Perhaps we could call it “Power Crystals”?
07:10:06 AM Aug 11th 2011
What of the Pearl of Wisdom from the "Ducktales" episode of the same name? A sea-faring thief named Sharkey sells the titular gem for a nice sum to Scrooge Mc Duck, who knows of the magic of the pearl. When both end up on the pearl's Island of Origin, both are struck by sunlight and given flashes of wisdom (which was part of the magic: you had to be touching the pearl at first sunlight to receive it), causing both of them to see sense uncharacteristic of them (Sharkey realizes he needs to go straight, Scrooge realizes the pearl rightfully belongs to the Islanders).
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