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09:17:21 PM Apr 17th 2010
I think distinction should be made between tonal screams (the classic glassy high-pitched metal shriek that is directly on a high note) and atonal screams (the kind employed by extreme metal bands, nu metal, and the like where they just scream or roar without any regard for hitting notes) as they arise out of two very different singing methods and employ different techniques, and generally have a different relationship to the song (the former being an actual part of the melody, the latter not so much, if there even is a melody at all).
09:28:42 AM May 31st 2010
The way I see it, there's a handful of singing styles associated with metal that might be termed screaming, but really aren't: really high notes, death growling, black metal screeching, and straining for notes beyond your range (Dio), and I don't think any of those should really be termed screaming — although I'd argue the typically described metal scream is Halford or Dickinson, just by how iconic they are.

Then there's the actual screaming, which tends to be employed by a lot of modern rock, and I don't think is largely associated with metal — at least not moreso than it is with hardcore punk. Screaming-to-set-tone is a trope, but I don't think it's a metal scream and I don't think it describes Halford or whoever doing a high note just because he can.

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