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Drake Dark Hunter: Am I the only one who feels that the name of this trope should be changed? I say this because while this is called the "metal" scream. None of these examples really fit what I'd say is metal screaming. Even the Iron Maiden exmaple here doesn't make me think of a metal scream. A metal scream in my opinion would be more akin to the type you'd find in extreme metal, the kinds that are extremly loud and gutteral. Like the type that Peter Tägtgren, Devin Townsend, Marcus Bischoff or Howard Jones would do.

aswilson: The way I see it, this purported trope can either be defined to be so close to Careful With That Axe as to make it unreasonable to expect people to respect the difference, or to encompass almost the entirety of metal and its singing styles, which would rather preclude the existence of examples on the page. For my own part, I generally think of a metal scream as being high-pitched Gillan/Ozzy/Halford/Dickinson air-raid siren-type antics, but even that subset is way too common to have examples.

Woolie Wool: The different types of screams mentioned here (Halford-style on-key high notes, extreme metal growls, and the more ordinary screaming used by a lot of alternative rock, groove, and -core bands) use entirely different techniques and styles. There really isn't much similarity between the perfectly on-pitch D6 Daniel Heiman of Lost Horizon is famous for, and a Matt Heafy just bellowing as loud as possible.