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02:09:33 AM Aug 12th 2016
edited by BrokenEye
Do bystanders known for being fixated on by conspiracy theorists count as examples? You know, like the Babushka Lady, Umbrella Man, Badge Man, and Three Tramps associated with the Kennedy Assassination?
05:20:11 AM Apr 12th 2015
Question for Hetalians: Would the waiter from the San Buon Valentino strips/episodes count for Hetalia?
09:02:56 PM Oct 22nd 2011
edited by RinellaWasHere
I know we've got a bajillion (rough estimate) My Little Pony images on articles, but Derpy Hooves is a serious contender for Most Triumphant Example. It'd make a solid image for the article.
09:01:39 AM Nov 4th 2012
It does look quite larger than most page images on the site, if you're the one who put it there, think you could scale it down a bit, or find a smaller picture that shows her as an example?
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