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02:02:25 PM Oct 10th 2011

This seems like a pretty big example of YMMV to me. Lives are relatively easy to come across, and even if you can't seem to obtain any you can always buy some more from the shop, where they're relatively cheap (3 coins for one life, 7 for three, and 15 for seven). I remember maxing out the live counter halfway through the game.
09:36:11 AM Oct 23rd 2011
edited by GreenMachine
I agree. Even though I wasn't too serious about revisiting levels until after the Big Bad, I ended up with enough coins to constantly refill my lives to max. When I last played, I had accumulated something like 500 coins...

Of course, if you start the game off by playing with someone else (especially someone less skilled than yourself), you will get game overs. So I'm still not entirely certain on how to call this...
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