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08:19:29 AM Feb 5th 2012
I don't think the 3-13 archer is an example of this trope; he's a faceless Mook without any lines that just happens to be one of the more competent Mooks without any lines.

Ilyana, on the other hand...
11:49:31 AM Jul 15th 2011
What's the origin of the term "Mauve Shirt?" The article doesn't specify. It's not obvious, so it should be stated. In fact, we should probably have an entire Origin section of the site, like Laconic and Haiku.
01:46:52 PM Oct 22nd 2011
If I recall correctly, it's pretty complex.

It starts with a Red Dwarf quote:

Holly: "Purple alert! Purple alert!" Lister: "What's a purple alert?" Holly: "Well, it's like not as bad as a red alert, but a bit worse than a blue alert — sort of a mauve alert, but I didn't want to say mauve..."

From there I guess someone went "hey, shirt and alert rhyme". So a mauve shirt is not as bad as a red shirt, but a bit worse than a blue shirt.
06:09:52 PM Apr 11th 2011
Is this a death trope or not? That is, does the Mauve Shirt actually have to die? The main page says "Now this character can live", but the laconic page says that Mauve Shirts are Red Shirts with more character development, for the sake of making their deaths more poignant, and tropers have deleted entries with the argument "the character didn't die".
09:26:26 PM Feb 2nd 2011
I don't want to be a jerk and remove someone's entry for no reason, but Watson is a main character in Sherlock and thus the "Mauve Shirt" title shouldn't apply. Am I correct or just not fully understanding the troupe?
06:34:53 AM Aug 31st 2010
I have an issue with the page image, being that the shirt's not mauve, it's actually a lavender bordering on periwinkle. Not to be 'that guy' i just wanted to point it out.
07:29:06 AM Aug 31st 2010
Well, a good way to change this would be to take it to the Image Pickin' forum, I'm sure the ensuing debate would be interesting. ^_^
05:54:23 PM May 15th 2011
No, that shirt's mauve. You're probably thinking of taupe.
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