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01:04:21 AM Feb 17th 2017
Why was my contribution to the Anime/Manga section of this page deleted? Why even have any of these if my or others' contributions aren't allowed to be added to the lists of examples?
01:51:15 AM Feb 17th 2017
If you talk about the Gate Keepers example is again in the page, i just moved for the alphabetical order. I suggest you of watch always the "hystory" of the page.
06:54:00 AM Nov 8th 2014
I removed the link to I don't think we need an upskirt shot in the main page.
01:35:54 PM Nov 12th 2014
I agree [we don't need an upskirt shot in the main page], thus I didn't put one there, to wit please reconsider.
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