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01:42:50 PM Aug 11th 2013
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Is it really fair to make broad, sweeping statements such as: "manhwa tends to focus more on story whereas manga focus on characters"? I, for one would like to hear some further clarification and cited sources for that, especially considering the size and variety of the japanese manga industry compared to its relatively tiny korean counterpart. As for the "more realistic-looking characters in manhwa" assertion, I can personally attest to (having skimmed through many pages of korean comics along with looking up "manhwa" on google images) the fact that manhwa mostly looks indistinguishable from your typical manga fare. Oftentimes, manhwa characters look even less realistic than the typical shounen hero, especially in regards to manhwa's propensity for absurdly spindly physiques. Another thing I don't quite understand about this article is the claim that the manga and manhwa industries are equal competitors when it's patently obvious that manhwa is charitably speaking, embarassingly underrepresented on this wiki (and everywhere else for that matter) in comparison to other media. I apologize if this post comes across as overly hostile but it is only because of curiosity that I bring this up.
07:21:11 PM Oct 25th 2011
Can we add common tropes to paint an entire country with the same brush? Like for example Hourglass Hottie in otherwise realistic works.
07:56:33 PM Oct 9th 2011
I'm thinking that the manhwa index has waaaaaay to many red links. Presumably people put those titles down in the hopes that someone else will write a page for them in the near future, but some of these series have just been sitting empty for a while. Should we have a red link clean out?
09:50:48 PM Aug 24th 2011
My Boyfriend Is A Vampire

This title seems interesting and popular. Is it time to trope it?

Best use of Clark Kenting I've seen this year, and the glasses actually do something.
08:19:49 AM Sep 1st 2011
Haven't read the series yet — might check it out, but I'm generally cynical about vampire series in general. If you feel like writing a page for it, go ahead — I know that you're supposed to make a page after discussion with other tropers and all, but the manhwa fandom is pretty small. Best to just go ahead and do it yourself and hope others catch on later.
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