Tropers / Heinous Heathen Hedonist

I, who am worthless, have manufactured this lowly, pathetic excuse for a troper page in the service of You, The Enlightened and Exalted, Magnificent Mastermind of Troperia.

As it is a general truism that: "the very best that the inferior one can muster, would still be a grave insult to the dignity, grace and infinite wisdom of The Saintly and Sacrosanct Son of Heaven", this insignificant imbecile, whose honour is nil and whose shame is boundless, humbly asks for a measure of his Holiness's cooperation in elevating this page from the most noxious sludge of Tvtropes bottomless chum-bucket to a page worthy of his Esteemed Excellence's satisfaction by blessing it with a certain number of his Harmonious Hegemon's various Supreme Signatures.

If your Majesty's Sublime Standard of Serenity feels that this obsequious offal-eater's plead is egregiously arrogant and empty-headed, this one eagerly awaits being subjected to the death of a thousand cuts next Friday at 13:37.