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12:28:58 PM Jun 23rd 2013
There's a lot of crossover here I think between Angry Black Man and Well-Intentioned Extremist, plus the YMMV of "your terrorist is our freedom fighter".

I want to suggest now an addition to the main description linking these things and also possibly shifting this to a YMMV trope.
07:13:36 PM Sep 25th 2012
FWIW, the name of this page is not as cool as whoever thought of it thinks it is.
07:03:48 AM May 5th 2010
Why don't we have a mention of Magneto here? I figure he at least deserves a not on how he's the Malcom X to Prof X's Martin Luther King. (I JUST got the irony)
03:52:22 PM May 5th 2010
That's an interesting idea- however, it would require redefining the trope to include characters of all nationalities instead of just Africans.

...But considering how few non-African characters fit the trope's other criteria, that probably wouldn't be too problematic.
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