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06:16:55 PM Dec 13th 2010
A Magical Girl Warrior is defined as a "The intersection of Magical Girl with Super Hero(ine)."

A Magical Girl is defined by us tropers as: "Magical Girls are empowered by various means with fantastic powers that both assist and complicate their lives, but manage to perservere despite this."

Complaining about the % values of each side is splitting hairs and an early standard for the No True Scotsman fallacy. The only cogent argument would be if the powers "assist and complicate their lives" to a sufficient degree, not that "It has too much superhero in it!"
01:50:37 PM Mar 20th 2011
edited by Awakenedgirl
Does Magdalena from Top Cow count as one of these?

Since she has powers, a costume( albeit a more pratical one), and she has a love interest(although he is more badass than Tuxedo Mask was)
07:34:36 AM Oct 11th 2010
I changed Nanoha to Fresh Pretty Cure. Nanoha isn't a *horrible* example of a magical girl warrior, but my understanding is that Nanoha is primarily aimed at a male audience and thus not a "true" magical girl in the strictest sense.
06:12:33 PM Dec 13th 2010
edited by MajinGojira
That's a No True Scotsman Fallacy, not an argument.
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